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No More Bacterial Infections with Baytril In This Page You Will Find Out All The Information You Need About Baytril

Even though you work hard to keep your pets clean and healthy, there are times when they would suffer from infections caused by bacteria. If the infection involves the skin, prostrate, gastro-intestinal tract, lungs, liver and urinary tract, you will need an oral medication like Baytril.

At present, Baytril is considered to be one of the most effective medications for the treatment of bacterial infections in the said organs. It is actually classified under the antibiotics, fluoroquinolone, which works by interfering with the DNA metabolism of the bacteria and effectively killing them. It comes in chewable tablet form so you will not have to worry about giving it to your pet.

You have to understand that you need to take your sick cat or dog to the veterinarian and not simply give Baytril. The vet will most likely run some tests and check your pet first to confirm the infection before giving you a prescription. Although FDA-approved and readily available, you need to have a prescription when buying this medication. Consider this requirement as a safeguard to make sure your pet receives the right treatment for his health problem. To be on the safe side, inform your vet if your pet is lactating, pregnant, had seizure episodes or allergic to fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Lastly, you cannot give Baytril within two hours after you have given your pet sucralfate or antacid for its efficacy can be affected.

Once you have bought Baytril, you need to follow the vet's instructions faithfully. If you have other pets, especially younger ones, who are exhibiting the same symptoms as your sick dog or cat, you should avoid giving this medication without the go signal of your veterinarian. Follow the treatment schedule and do not cut short the regimen when you notice signs of improvement in your pet. It is also important for your pet to drink lots of water during the entire treatment period.

Symptoms to look out for which could indicate adverse reactions include vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite as well as dizziness, breathing difficulties, swelling or hives. These side effects can be serious if you ignore them so you should immediately speak with your veterinarian.

Because it is manufactured by Bayer, one of the leading names in the pet healthcare industry, you can be sure that Baytril is very effective. You might find the price a bit out of your budget range but if you consider its quality, you know your decision to buy this medication will surely be smart and practical.

Choose Baytril if you are looking for an antibiotic for bacterial infections. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you will be able to show how important they are by giving them the best treatment option available.

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