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Give Your Dog a Comfortable Life with Comfortis Comfortis Review And Information

Fleas can make the life of your dog uncomfortable. Flea infestations bring nothing but discomfort and sickness to your pet dog. Allow your pet dog to live longer in comfort and a healthier, quality life by giving him Comfortis, a beef-flavored tablet that is easy to chew by any dogs.

This prescription medication has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to kill fleas as well as prevent flea infestations on pet dogs more than 3 months of age and older. In just 30 minutes after giving Comfortis to your dog, the drug will start killing fleas and will continue to do so for a month. The drug will make sure that fleas will be killed before they will have an opportunity to lay eggs.

Each tablet of Comfortis has as its active ingredient, the spinosad which is responsible for killing fleas by damaging the nervous system of insect, causing paralysis and quick death. The strength of spinosad varies depending on the weight of the dog–140mg for dogs weighing 5 to 10 pounds, 270mg for dogs 10.1 to 20 pounds, 560mg for dogs 20.1 to 40 pounds, 810mg for those weighing 40.1 to 60 pounds and 1,620mg for dogs weighing more than 60 pounds up to 120 pounds.

Because Comfortis is a chewable medication, you can administer it by mouth, mix in the food of your pet dog. Remember to give this medication only to your pet dog once a month. This medication is not recommended to be given to pet cats.

While under medication, your pet dog may experience some adverse reactions to the drug. Some of the side effects are depression, lethargy, vomiting, loss of coordination or ataxia, anorexia, itchiness or pruritis, diarrhea, seizures, hypersalivation and trembling.

Another good thing about Comfortis is you can administer the drug to your pet dog together with heartworm prevention medications that contain ivermectin. Just make sure that you use the medications according to directions stated in their labels. However, extra label heartworm preventative use may cause side effects such as twitching, trembling, drooling or salivation, ataxia, dilation of pupils or mydriasis, disorientation, seizures and blindness. If one of more of the symptoms occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

For ease of administration and taste that your pet dog will like, this drug is at the top of the list of flea preventative medication. So when it comes to flea control, there is only one brand to trust-Comfortis.

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