Iverhart Max Review

Protect Your Dogs Against Heartworms with Iverhart Max

Heartworms can be fatal to your dogs. And what is scary is, your pet can contract this harmful parasite from just one bite of a mosquito. So do not take any risk when it comes to the health of your pet dog. Visit your veterinarian now and ask about Iverhart Max.

This prescription drug is recommended for dogs over 8 weeks of age and weigh not less than 6 pounds. Iverhart Max comes in a chewable tablet form. Your pet dogs will love them because they are packaged as tasty pork liver cereal with artificial beef.

Iverhart Max is recommended for administration once a month only. Its effectiveness to prevent heartworms in your pet dogs is attributed to its active ingredients—pyrantel pamoate, which is used for the control and treatment of hookworms and roundworms in dogs, and praziquantel which is effective in controlling and treating tapeworms.

This antherminthic or dewormer is available in different strengths, differentiated by box colors and different weights of dogs. You should be happy to each of the tablets, in increments of 6 to 12 tablets, is individually foil wrapped for longer effectiveness.

The amount of ingredients per chewable tablet varies depending on the weight of the dog. To use, it is recommended that Iverhart Max be given to your pet dogs once a month on the same day for the whole year. You have the options to administer the drug to your pet dogs by hand, placing the tablet in the back of the mouth of your dog for forced swallowing or mixed intact with a small amount of food. To maintain freshness of the tablet, do not remove it from its wrapper until you are ready to administer it to your pet dog.

Contraindication is rare. You can start giving your pet dog Iverhart Max if he has not taken any heartworm preventive medication for at least 6 months. After 6 months of continuous medication, take a test for heartworm to know if microfilaria is present in your dog’s body.

Side effects from Iverhart Max are also rare. However, in the event that there is, watch out for limpness, lethargy, shaking, diarrhea, licking lips, decreased appetite salivation and belching that your dog will likely show if he is reacting negatively from Iverhart Max.

And as with other antiparasitic drugs, Iverhart Max should not be given to pet dogs already taking other heartworm prevention medication.

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